Add Your Voice to the Talkaoke at Bridport Food Festival

We're very excited to be sponsoring Bridport Food Festival's first Talkeoke.  Some call it a flying saucer of chat, we're calling it a Doughnut of Discussion!

The Talkaoke, a dynamic, interactive attraction is brand new for 2016 and will engage festival goers in conversations about all kinds of issues, including everything to do with food at the Festival's Main Event on Saturday 18th June.

 Among other topics, the People’s Wishlist for the Future of Food in Bridport will be at hot topic when the Talkaoke comes to town.

“The People’s Wishlist is a great place to start conversations at the Talkaoke Table,” says Linda Hull from Communities Living Sustainably, who pulled together the Wishlist from hundreds of conversations with local people. “The Talkaoke will give local people a chance to have their say about what’s great about food in Bridport and how we could make it easier for more local people to enjoy more local food.”

Caroline Parkins from Leakers is keen to raise awareness of food issues and thinks the Festival is a great place to do it. “Food is central to our lives,” says Caroline, “and everyone can talk about food because we all eat! It’s certainly a big consideration ahead of the referendum as we import more than half of our food from abroad!”

Look out for the Talkaoke Table near the Festival Tea Tent on Saturday 18th June and come ready to share your thoughts and ideas for the Future of Food in Bridport.